New partnership aims to reduce youth violence from MaconBibbTV on Vimeo.

Mayor Pro Tem Al Tillman and Commissioner Virgil Watkins held a press conference on Monday, January 6, at Richard R. Robinson Funeral Home and Cremation Services to announce a new partnership aimed at reducing youth violence. Robinson Funeral Home will work with the Commissioners to bring in youth and let them see the pain families experience when someone dies.
“We need to reach our community’s children and show them the consequences of their actions before it’s too late,” says Mayor Pro Tem Tillman. “Children need to know that some paths don’t just impact them, it hurts their families.”
“The cycle of violence plaguing our families and neighborhoods can be broken if we’re proactive about getting to our kids and supporting them along the right path,” adds Commissioner Watkins. “Actions have consequences, and children need to see those consequences are not just limited to them. What they do affects everyone around them.

If your family, church, or any group is interested in this experience, call Government Center at (478) 751-7262 or (478) 751-7170.