Recap of June 5, 2018 Macon-Bibb County Commission Meeting

June 7, 2018

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At the June 5, 2018 Macon-Bibb County Commission meeting, Pastor Benjamin Newberry from Calvary Baptist Church delivered the invocation.

Two students led us in the Pledge of Allegiance: Jordan Garr from the Academy of Classical Education and Waldron Hiley, Jr. from Stratford Academy.

Agenda Items

Commissioners voted to approve closing and selling William Street lane, and 0.423 acres of nearby property (located at 847 Riverside Drive) to Schuster Enterprises.


The board approved an agreement with E&D Contracting Services in the amount of $246,478 for repairing and installing guardrails. 70% of that comes from state money, and 30% comes from our 2017 SPLOST. You can read about where the guardrails are, here.

Two items are added to a list of road projects which will be completed with Georgia Department of Transportation Grant money. The projects will be located at Charter and Forest Hill Roads, and at the intersection of Gateway and Riverside drives.

Commissioners approved an agreement with Georgia Asphalt to repair several areas of road, including the one pictured above on Antioch Road. The project will cost $2.25 million dollars, which comes from 70% state funds, and 30% local SPLOST funds.

The commission has authorized a service order agreement with Georgia Public Web for improved, government-wide internet service at a reduced price. Click here to read more about that contract.

Our Fire Department now has a new piece of equipment to help with fire suppression. It’s an Akron Ozzie Master Oscillating Monitor and 4” intake base (pictured above). It’s being paid for with a $4,000 First Responders Grant from the Marathon Petroleum Corporation.

Another big step in the mission to extend the runway at the Middle Georgia Regional Airport. Commissioners accepted a Georgia Department of Transportation Grant for an environment assessment. Click here for details.

Commissioners voted to approve several partnerships aimed at improving quality of life for many of our residents.

  • An agreement between the Economic & Community Development Department (ECDD) and the Macon-Bibb County Economic Opportunity Council (EOC) for an Emergency Solutions Grant to implement a Homeless Prevention Program
  • An agreement between ECDD and Family Advancement Ministries for an Emergency Solutions Grant
  • An agreement between ECDD and the Macon-Bibb EOC to implement a Rapid Rehousing Program

 The commission approved an item that requires Request for Proposals be approved by Commission before issuing. This goes for RFPs for Health Insurance Plan Administrator, Stop Loss Coverage, Pharmacy Benefits Management, & Ancillary Plans. Read more about this item by clicking here.

A rental fee increase will be implemented for the use of Macon-Bibb County Recreation facilities. Additional details are listed here in the resolution. Visit the Recreation website and facebook page for continued updates on department events and plans.

The board authorized an Emergency Procurement Process to resolve issues with steel replacement and repair at Henderson Stadium. This will make sure the improvements are made before football season starts.

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